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How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent

How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent

Do you want full-service, self-service, or lip-service?

There can be a big difference between real estate agents. Since the whole point of working with a real estate agent is to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible, you need to hire someone you can work with, someone who’s confident in their abilities and will guide you through the process. Finding the right realtor for your needs is vital to ensure your real estate transaction runs smoothly and that you get the best deal possible.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That couldn’t be truer when it comes to finding the right real estate agent when buying or selling a property. Your agent is pivotal to not only understanding the nuances of your local real estate market—which can differ from what you hear in the new but also in navigating the contractual and legal aspects of the real estate transaction.
Find someone you trust. You’ll want to be confident in your agent’s ability to:
  • Help you set the market value on possibly the largest asset your family currently owns or plans to purchase
  • Set and manage the time schedule for the successful liquidation or acquisition of the asset
  • Outline the costs, services, and tasks required to handle the sale
Your agent must place you/your family’s well-being first and doing your homework upfront could save you a lot of hassle down the road. But how do you accomplish that?
When you’re interviewing agents, look for red flags. For instance, be careful if the agent you are interviewing begins the interview by:
  • Bragging about their own success or their company’s success
  • Talking more than they listen
  • Acting unprofessionally, or making careless statements
While an agent’s success and that of their company can be important considerations when choosing your real estate representation, it’s not the only consideration. Your agent needs to fully understand and consider your needs along with what you expect from the sale. In the throes of a busy or stressful real estate transaction, if they haven’t done this ahead of time, they won’t be successful when negotiating on your behalf.
When an agent shows up late, acts, or dresses unprofessionally, it demonstrates how they conduct their real estate business. As one of the most expensive transactions you’ll ever be involved in a real estate transaction has significant legal and tax consequences. Make sure you hire a seasoned, professional who takes your business seriously and will pay attention to every detail.
Other red flags you should be aware of can be more insidious. For instance, does the agent:
  • Bad-mouth the competition?
  • Disclose private information about other realtors or your neighbors?
  • Show up late for your appointment without a good reason, or don’t deliver what they promise?
  • Become angry, aggressive, or act insulted if you don’t agree to hire them right away?
If they exhibit negative behavior early on, chances are it’ll continue. The habit of acting unprofessionally, whether it’s bad-mouthing their competition or disclosing private information, is a habit that doesn’t develop overnight. Remember, you could be next.
If they show up late without a very good reason, they don’t take your business seriously. Or if they’ve made a promise to deliver you materials but don’t follow through, that’s another red flag. If your agent fails to perform early on in your relationship, that behavior will likely continue, putting the sale at risk.
An agent who becomes angry or aggressive with you during the interview process will likely do so during the transaction. When your home sale or purchase encounters any pinch-points during negotiations—which often happens—how your agent conducts him or herself during times of stress is critical. You need someone who is the voice of calm during what can be a stressful situation.
While you don’t want an agent who steamrolls you, disregarding your needs, you also don’t want someone who is a ‘yes-man,’ agreeing with everything you say. Nor do you want someone who creates drama during negotiations, escalating the situation and possibly sullying the deal.

The Bottom Line

Buying or selling a home is a complex process. You’ll be relying on your agent’s experience and expertise throughout the process. You need someone who can embrace the challenges and take charge of the process from beginning to end, while still respecting your opinions and decisions.
The best agent is a seasoned professional who takes your business seriously and conducts themselves professionally. Professional representation is evidenced by the agent who:
  • Protects your interests throughout the transaction
  • Provides a thorough, Competitive Property Pricing Evaluation
  • Explains the contracts and disclosures
  • Outlines the options available to you with the likely results of each choice
  • Assesses and explains the merits of a buyer’s offer, with solutions as needed to maximize your goals
  • Analyzes and explain the seller’s counteroffer, providing strategies as needed to maximize your goals.
  • Negotiates on your behalf throughout the transaction
  • Offers comprehensive custom marketing and promotion of your property
  • Has qualified, local resources for real estate inspections, repairs, title and escrow companies, etc.
  • Provides ethical, viable, resolute, and mutually beneficial alternative solutions and much, much more
If you noticed a few red flags during the interview, don’t ignore them. Chances are the problems will continue, so think twice before signing a contract with an agent who exhibits negative behavior.
To find out the level of service I provide my clients, call me or text me for a confidential, no-obligation consultation. For text inquiries, please use the keywords, “real estate inquiry.”
I look forward to hearing from you.

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