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According to the Administration for Community Living and the Administration on Aging, nearly 70% of individuals aged 65 and older will likely require long-term care services. The costs of senior care hinge on factors like location and the type of care needed. For many seniors, selling their homes becomes necessary to raise funds for these expenses. Unfortunately, navigating the home-selling process can be complex.
To support seniors and their families, we've compiled a guide that breaks down the ins and outs of selling a home to cover senior care costs. It explains how the sale might impact eligibility for government benefits, offers practical steps to ease the process, and provides advice on finding qualified professionals to assist with the sale.
Download this valuable resource, A Guide to Selling a Home to Pay for Long-Term Senior Care below. It contains along many helpful links throughout for additional resources you and your loved one may need. Access the guide here:

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Lori’s knowledge of the Santa Barbara market provided us a level of accuracy that surprised us, making her a great choice. With patience, thoroughness, and exacting follow-through, she listened to our concerns, helping us make tough decisions. Relocating from out of the area, we’d lived in Santa Barbara a long time ago and were excited but nervous. With only a narrow window of opportunity, we had to use ...

— R. Cyr & D. Fisher


Lori offered very sound advice. Her strategy to sell my parents’ home worked quite well and we received multiple offers. She presented the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy or negotiation point so I could make intelligent decisions. I believe we garnered the best deal possible in the transaction. Although assisting me in a market that was outside Lori’s typical area, she did a complete analys...

— E. James


I appreciate all your hard work in selling my home. Since I know several realtors in Santa Barbara, I only interviewed those whom I consider the best. I selected your team because of your marketing knowledge, sales strategies and complimentary personalities for team selling. From the comparables you presented for pricing my home, to your creative, highly professional, and stand-out marketing materials. I...

— M. King

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