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This Sunday: Annual Succulent Fundraiser for Rockwood Woman’s Club

This Sunday: Annual Succulent Fundraiser for Rockwood Woman’s Club
Considered a premiere venue for special occasions such as fundraisers, weddings and special events, Rockwood is an architectural jewel. Set upon 2 ½ wooded acres in historic Mission Canyon, this Spanish Colonial treasure was designed by Edwards, Plunkett and Howell in 1927. With private landscaped gardens adjacent to Rocky Nook Park, there are not only beautiful gardens but also quaint stone walls, a spacious oak-shaded patio, even an outdoor fireplace. Inside, Rockwood features gracious soaring ceilings, an elegant stage and expansive oak floors. But like any historic property, maintenance and capital improvements are an ongoing challenge for Santa Barbara Woman’s Club members like me.
The money we raise will be put to good use.
Currently we’re looking at a driveway facelift and our two parking lots need attention. Potholes need filling, roots need removing, and asphalt needs re-surfacing. Inside, furniture needs re-finishing, we need new drapery, improved lighting, and more.

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